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Connonisseur 1000ml


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Connoisseur is a refined bat guano and worm casting blend for soil and coco.

Key benefits

Provides rich organic nutrients for your plants.

Enhances defense against fungal attack and disease.

Provides enzymes that break down dead roots.

Further information

Roots are critical for the health and the results you get from your plant. Connoisseur helps makes sure you maintain a healthy root zone.

The slow decomposition of your roots can introduce harmful micro-organisms that bring disease. The enzymes in Connoisseur prevent this from happening by speeding up the breakdown of your roots. At the same time this process helps ensure that beneficial micro-organisms remain in your root zone.

Connoisseur also contains a wealth of natural trace minerals that add nutrition to your medium.

How to use

Mix 250g of Connoisseur per 50L of coco. After 4 weeks, top-dress the coco with 150g of Connoisseur per 50L of potted coco.

Mix 150g of Connoisseur per 50L of soil. After 4 weeks, top-dress the soil with 150g of Connoisseur per 50L of potted soil.

Flowering Plants
Follow the above instructions for medium type, then top-dress with 150g of Connoisseur per 50L of potted medium halfway through the flowering period, to really bring out the natural flavour of your crop.
Connoisseur is available in a 1L size.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 22 cm


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