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BIOCANNA Bio Flores was developed for the blooming stage of fast growing plants. This one-part 100% organic fertilizer is for use with plants grown in soil.

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It contains a hops extract that provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions that your plants need during flowering and fruiting phases. Bio Flores also contains lupuline, luparol, lupulon and humulon to provide extra blooming power!

Using Bio Flores stimulates the microflora around the plant roots to improve soil quality and biodiversity. A biologically active soil environment helps your plants more easily absorb water and nutrients so they can concentrate on creating blooms and fruits.

Application rate:

Switch to Bio Flores when first signs of flowering appear.

Use 15 ml (about 0.507 oz) per gallon water (1:250 ratio).

Apply solution 1 to 3 times a week depending on container size, plant size, moisture levels and soil fertility.

Use prepared solution within 24 hours.

Bio Flores helps stimulate your plants metabolism and increase resistance to disease, harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi.

A vegetable based fertilizer, BIOCANNA Bio Flores is OMRI Listed!

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