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BIOCANNA Bio Vega is a one-part organic fertilizer for use during the vegetative stage. Developed for growing in soil, it is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to your plants needs.

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The bioactive substances in Bio Vega stimulate root development and the formation of strong growth shoots, preparing your plants to optimally start their blooming period.

BIOCANNA Bio Vega fertilizer is vegetable based, guaranteed 100% organic, and OMRI certified!

When you use Bio Vega it improves soil quality and biodiversity, stimulating the microflora around the plant roots. This enriched soil environment helps your plants more easily absorb water and nutrients. A complex ecosystem is created in conjunction with the soilborne organisms to help protect the roots.

Bio Vega contains exactly the right mineral composition and organic ingredients to help stimulate your plants metabolism and increase resistance to disease, harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi.

Application rate:

Use 8 ml (about 0.27 oz) per gallon water (1:500 ratio).

Apply solution 1 to 3 times a week depending on container size, plant size, moisture levels and soil fertility.

Use prepared solution within 24 hours.

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