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Bug Barrier


RAM Bug Barrier

Keep Pests Out of Your Grow Room
Simple yet effective
Does not restrict airflow
Range of sizes to suite any system


Protect your grow room from pesky insects.

The RAM Bug Barrier is a fine mesh screen for intake fans to prevent insects in your growroom. This screen comes with Velcro strips for you to attach to your intake fan to allow for easy adjustment – creating the perfect fit!

The holes in the bug screen are small enough to catch insects but large enough to maintain airflow through your intake system.

You can position the RAM Bug Barrier over your fan or the ducting to prevent bugs entering your indoor garden. We’ve got control over so many variables when growing indoors and an insect invasion can cause serious issues, wasting time and resources.

These bug shields are particularly important during spring, summer and autumn as there are higher numbers of insects in the wild which will be sucked into your intake and infest the garden.

Pests can be hard to treat once they’re in your space; Prevention is better than cure.

Available in a range of sizes to suite any garden, including:
4 Inch / 100mm
5 Inch / 125mm
6 Inch / 150mm
8 Inch / 200mm
10 Inch / 250mm
12 Inch / 315mm

Although these bug barriers reduce the chance of bugs entering your space, you can still accidentally introduce them on your clothes or hair, so care should still be taken when visiting your garden.

How to use:
The Velcro straps make installation easy – just tighten the barrier around the ducting to make sure no insects can get in around the sides.

When you clean down your room between harvests, don’t forget to clean the bug screen as dust, debris and trapped insects will reduce airflow.

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