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Can Fan LCD EC Fan Controller

ExtractionFan Controller

Can Fan presents the climate controller EC Fan Controller, an advanced controller with LCD screen that allows to regulate humidity and temperature, in addition to other interesting functions such as hysteresis, day / night function, negative pressure and maximum and minimum speed of operation of the extractors / Can Fan EC injectors. The Can Fan EC Controller is only valid for Can Fan EC extractors, which incorporate the most modern technology, and offer greater energy efficiency, guaranteeing greater power and less consumption.


The fan controller, with Can Fan LCD screen, has a speed regulator for ventilated areas, controlling the flow of air in and out. The EK controller also has the ability to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the growing room, being able to adjust the options for the day and night phase independently (always maintaining a negative pressure that prevents leakage of odors from the room).
All the functions for the monitoring of the parameters of the cultivation zone are measured by means of a probe (incorporated) that offers real instant readings of said values, which allows a fast and efficient regulation of the environmental conditions.
One of the advantages of the EC Fan Controller is its fast installation, and easy operation, which allows controlling up to 10 EC Can Fan extractors, without the need for added electrical protection. Each extractor can be connected in line with the next (and with the EK controller) by means of a jack connection, thanks to the low voltage required for its regulation, start-up and shut-down. The controller includes Velcro adhesives, which allow the controller to be fixed to any surface, without the need to drill holes (being able to move and replace the controller quickly).
The controller includes a humidity and temperature probe, with a 4 meter cable to be able to place it where the grower thinks opportune (it is important that it is not close to a source of heat / cold that could confuse the actual conditions of the growing area) .
To start the EC Fan Controller Can Fan LCD, it is only necessary to connect the line of extractors to the socket 1, the line of the injectors to the socket 2, the humidity and temperature probe to the Sensor socket, and the power supply to the PWR socket (with 1 meter of cable). Once all the components are connected, we only have to assign the parameters that we want in the controller (temperature, humidity, hysteresis of temperature and humidity, minimum and maximum speed of the extractors and day / night function).
Can Fan EC Fan Controller
Type: Climate controller for Can Fan EC extractors.
Functions: Humidity, temperature and hysteresis control.
Special functions: Day and night function, maximum and minimum speed, maximum and minimum humidity, hysteresis of humidity and temperature, negative pressure.
Control: LCD screen.

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