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Grodan Cuttings Seed Cubes

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For a very basic overview of the systems Grodan Cuttings Seed Cubes will work well in as a growing media, see the table below:
NFT Systems Flood & Drain Bubbler Systems Pots
available: in (one and a half inch cubes) and (one inch cubes).
Trays also available


Grodan Rockwool Cubes are ideal for raising seedlings and cuttings. Clean, lightweight and supplied in their own plastic tray for easy handling, these continue to be one of the most popular growing mediums we sell. Once roots start to emerge through the cubes, you will need to plant them on into larger Grodan Transplanting Cubes or some other medium. There are 2 sizes of cube available: Large Cuttings Seed Cube = 3.6cm (one and a half inch) and Small Cuttings Seed Cube = 2.5cm (one inch).

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