Lumii Black digital ballast 600 watt Dimmable

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Lumii Black digital ballast 600 watt Dimmable

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The dimmable electronic ballast 660W, 600W, 400W, 250 watt by Lumii Black is equipped with an automatic shut-off mechanism, which gets activated in case of a short-circuit, during the insertion of a defective lamp or when a lamp is missing.


During the operation, the electronic ballast can be switched between three levels. It is compatible with metal-halide (MH) and high pressure sodium-vapor lamps (HPS)

Due to Plug & Play a fast and easy startup is guaranteed and the bulb reaches its maximum luminosity pretty fast as well.

In case that the electric power supply gets interrupted during the operation of the ballast, it is recommended by the manufacturer to wait approx. 15 minutes before restarting the ballast, so that the bulb can cool down.

Technical details:
– Dimension (LxWxH): 290 x 120 x 60mm
– Ambient humidity: suitable: max. 85%
– Aluminum housing: splash proof
– 4 levels: 660W, 600W, 400W, 250 Watt
– Short-circuit protection: yes
– Protection against backfire: yes
– Protection against lamp failure: yes
– Max. housing temperature: 70°C
– Ambient temperature range: -10°C ~ +70°C
– Nominal output: 600 watt
– Max. input current at 600w: 3,7A, at 400w (2,4A)
– Nominal input at 600w: 2,9A, at 400w (1,8A)
– Input: 240V-50/60 Hz
– Special cooling fin design for an efficient cooling
– Weight: 1,72 Kg
– Plug cable approx. 2 meter long (included)
– Rubber connector for reflector cable available


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