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Mister Bond 100ml

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Mister Bond is a wetting agent used to increase the effectiveness of, and decrease the residue from, foliar sprays – for example, feeds, insecticides.

Key benefit

Helps effectively spread foliar sprays.

Further information

Mister Bond works by lowering the surface tension of the water within your spray, enabling easier spreading of the solution so you can cover the whole plant. At the same time it increases the permeability of the leaf cuticles, helping raise the penetration of all sprays.

By minimising evaporation from the sprayed foliage Mister Bond reduces residue left on the leaves.

Mister Bond also helps keep sprayers and nozzles clean and lubricates moving parts to increase the life of your spraying equipment.

How to use

Add 2ml of Mister Bond per litre of spray solution, shake and spray.

For best results apply at the end of the light period, allowing your plants to dry in the dark.

To control pests like spider mite, mist all surfaces including leaf undersides. Follow feed and pesticide manufacturer’s directions carefully to avoid damage or leaf burn.
Mister Bond is available in 20ml (see miss galore) and 100ml sizes.


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 cm


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