Shogun Samurai Hydro Nutrient

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Shogun Samurai Hydro Nutrient

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SHOGUN Samurai Hydro is a complete 2 Part grow and bloom hydroponic nutrient to rival all others.

available in 1L and 5L

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SHOGUN Samurai Hydro is a complete 2 Part nutrient available in grow and bloom formulations. With specific ingredients blended meticulously to a strict code of perfection, Shogun Samurai Hydro also includes the revolutionary SmartZen component which brings the latest in cutting edge plant technology to further impose the superiority of Samurai over all its rivals.
Balanced high grade nutrition to support all stages of plant development
Fully compatible with the full suite of Shogun additives
Contains the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser which is proven to increase yields by up to 8% above standard nutrient formulas
SmartZen maximises nutrient uptake and transport for increased plant performance
Available in Hard and Soft Water formulations to suit your location.

Shogun Samurai Hydro usage:
Root Feed – Add at a rate of 1-4ml/L of Part A and the same of part B to your nutrient reservoir or watering can (EC – 1.3-2.5). Dilution rates will be dependent upon your water hardness. Media- based systems require approximately 10-40 % DRAIN each day to keep the nutrients around the roots within acceptable concentrations. The drain conductivity should be between 0-15% higher than the input solution conductivity.


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