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An easy to use, affordable grow room humidifier which is most importantly RELIABLE! The SonicAir Humidifer features a large 10 litre tank and an adjustable dial which allows for fine tuning of your misting and will deliver up to 800ml per hour at maximum output. Unlike other ultrasonic humidifiers in its class, the SonicAir has four multi-directional spouts on the top which help to direct the mist evenly around your grow room. They run very quietly (less than 35dB) and only consume 80w of power!

Humidity is an often over-looked environmental factor in a grow room, with temperature usually taking precedence, this is in fact the wrong approach to take! Humidity plays just a vital role in plant health as correct temperature ranges and in many ways it is actually more important. In grow rooms with low RH (relative humidity) your plants will transpire excessively, essentially meaning they are sweating. Young plants will suffer particularly badly in these situations as their small root zones will not be able to cope with the increased transpiration and need for water. On the flip-side, high humidity is also a problem and causes low transpiration levels which lead to positive root pressure and issues such as plant stretching and nutrient deficiencies. High humidity levels also provide more preferable environments for mould and mildews to breed in.

As a rule of thumb always aim for a higher RH during the propagation and earlier vegetative stages of growth. This ensures your young plants can get off to a flying start. As they grow begin ‘hardening off’ whereby you slowly drop the RH levels to a lower amount (usually to between 40-50%) to prevent the chance of mould related diseases taking hold in the latter stages.


It is highly recommended to use these in conjunction with Reverse Osmosis (RO), or de-ionised water. Not only will it greatly improve the longevity of the units themselves, but it will also avoid any potential residues left on other equipment like carbon filters or grow light reflectors which can be found when using tap water.

While timers can be used with this unit to control humidity levels, it is recommended to use a suitable hygrostat to ensure your humidity is at exactly the right level, all the time.

Check your humidity levels at a few points throughout your grow tent or grow room. Take an average of these readings so you get a good view of exactly what is happening. Make sure the probe/unit is out of direct light, around canopy level when taking readings.

  • Supercharge growth rates throughout vegetative growth
  • Easy to Use Dial with Adjustable Output
  • Compatible with humidity controllers
  • 10 Litre Tank Capacity
  • Outputs up to 0.8 litres (800ml) per hour
  • Uniform distribution of humidity – 4 spouts
  • Quiet operation; only 35db using 60w
  • 1-year manufacturers guarantee

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