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Ora 23 Litre Humidifier

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Control humidity and create the optimum growing environment with an Ora 23L humidifier!



  • Fully adjustable multi-directional nozzle
  • Manual or constant fill functionality
  • Control and increase the moisture levels, ensuring clean air in a grow room
  • A full tank will last up to 32 days
  • To enable the constant fill function, move the float 90 degrees.


It is highly recommended to use these in conjunction with Reverse Osmosis (RO), or de-ionised water. Not only will it greatly improve the longevity of the units themselves, but it will also avoid any potential residues left on other equipment like carbon filters or grow light reflectors which can be found when using tap water.

While timers can be used with this unit to control humidity levels, it is recommended to use a suitable hygrostat to ensure your humidity is at exactly the right level, all the time.

Check your humidity levels at a few points throughout your grow tent or grow room. Take an average of these readings so you get a good view of exactly what is happening. Make sure the probe/unit is out of direct light, around canopy level when taking readings.

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